Sensei Keith Moore
Genbu-Kai Florida Chief Instructor


1980s: Early Training and Introduction to Martial Arts
– October 21, 1980: Sensi Keith Moore starts his martial arts journey as the Genbu-Kai Florida Chief Instructor.
– Begins training at the Cortland Family YMCA, south of Syracuse, New York, and is introduced to Judo and Ju-Jutsu.
– December 1987: Achieves Sho-Dan and receives black belt.

Late 1980s – Early 1990s: Dojo Opening and Teaching
– November 1989: Opens his first dojo in LaFayette, a suburb of Syracuse.
– Over the next two years, splits time teaching between the Cortland and LaFayette dojos.

1995 – 2002: Seminar Hosting and Expansion
– Hosts annual Fall Genbu-Kai seminars and tournaments, collaborating with Oneonta’s spring events.

1996 – 1997: Expansion to New Jersey
– Assists Senpai Hobbib in initiating the New Jersey Genbu-Kai.

2001: Dojo Expansion in Central New York
– May 2001: Expands and opens a second location in Fayetteville, concurrently operating two martial art schools in Central New York.

2003: Relocation to South Florida
– October 2003: Presented with job opportunities in the Ft. Lauderdale area, Moore Sensei moves to South Florida.

2003 – 2005/2006: Miami Rengo-Kai and Introduction of Kobudo
– Travels weekly to the Miami Rengo-Kai, under Doug Stein’s guidance, to assist teaching and introduces Kobudo and Batto.
– July 2004: Relocates to the Palm Beach area.

2009 – 2010: Teaching in Palm Beach County and Dojo Opening
– January 2009: Starts teaching within the Palm Beach County School system in their adult education program.
– December 2010: Opens a dojo in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, establishing Genbu-Kai Florida.

2016: Recognition and Hall of Fame Induction
– February 2016: Inducted into the Genbu-Kai Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Philosophy and Teaching Style
– Moore Sensei emphasizes traditional martial arts teaching, mirroring the ways of the masters.
– Stresses the importance of discipline, perseverance, patience, a positive attitude, good manners, and giving one’s best effort.
– Highlights the benefits of martial arts, including physical fitness, discipline, and a sense of well-being.

Current Ranks
– Genbu-Kai Shito-Ryu Karate: 5th Dan
– Suishin Itto-Ryu Batto-Do: 5th Dan
– Okinawan Kobudo Rengo-Kai: 4th Dan
– Fugakukai/Kihara Aikido (Karl Geis Tomiki style): 3rd Kyu
– Kamishin-Ryu Jujutsu: 5th Kyu

Keith Moore Sensei’s martial arts journey is marked by decades of dedicated training, teaching, and a commitment to preserving and passing on traditional martial arts values.

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