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Welcome to Genbu-Kai Karate in Wellington, where our dojo is not only a highly trained facility to learn self-defense or the techniques of this powerful Martial Art, it is simply much more than that. Japan Karate-Do Genbu-Kai of Florida is discipline and control, taught directly not only for the purpose of self-defense development, but also indirectly oriented to many uses in our regular life. Our organization help builds character in young individuals, and strength towards mature adults; encourages courage in women and respect in men; and in addition to maintain physical shape and healthy condition, it also enhances our intellectual state and our mind control.

Some of the aspects we mentioned before, carefully blending the old-traditional Japanese convention with today's western lifestyle. Feel free to contact us if you would like additional information, or would like us to tailor specific classes for your organization, groups, individuals, or private training. We can also provide customized demonstrations and exhibitions in community's events, charitable parties, benefits, schools, and similar organizations. Visit us today, or fill out the short form below to get started!

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I have been going to this dojo for several months now, and can honestly say that I love it! The Sensei's teaching of the art and the encouragement from other students both create a calm and positive learning environment. I would recommend this dojo to anyone looking for an amazing place to learn and train!

Meagan Vargo

My daughter has been training at the school for several months now. Sensei Moore was incredibly helpful with her transition to this school. She definitely feels she has found the best place to be. We couldn't be happier with our experience! Thanks again!

Sherry Vargo

I've been studying Batto (sword) for 2 1/2 years and find Sensei Moore and his instructors provide professional, all inclusive instruction in an environment that promotes growth. Even for a 69 year old grandmother like me!

Joan Cosgrove

My daughter started here in June 2016 and she loves it. The other kids are encouraging and very helpful with assisting her in learning. The Sensei is great with the kids. He holds their attention and really explains the tradition of this form of Karate. If you are looking to have your child get involved in martial arts, I would highly recommend this Dojo.

Lora Blackwell

My son has been training with Sensei Moore for a year and a half. His confidence level and attitude have improved dramatically! He loves the weapons and sparing classes in addition to the regular training. Highly recommended this dojo.

Kim Bunner

My son attends this school and I am always impressed when I see what he has learned. The staff and members are wonderful and treat everyone like family. This is a close-knit school with a great teacher/student relationship. I would highly recommend them to all.

Corina Valentin

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