Assitant Karate / Kobudo / Batto Instructor


Gordon’s Martial Arts Journey Timeline:

January 29, 2014:
– Initiates his martial arts voyage.

Rank Achievements:
– Attains the esteemed rank of 1st Kyu in Karate.
– Demonstrates prowess in Kobudo, securing a noteworthy 1st Dan rank.
– Achieving a distinguished 1st Dan rank.

Junior Progress:
– Exhibits dedication at a young age, earning the respected 2nd Kyu Junior designation.

Gordon’s martial arts timeline, commencing on January 29, 2014, showcases his continuous progress and dedication. Achieving high ranks in Karate, Kobudo, and Batto, along with the notable 2nd Kyu Junior designation, underscores Gordon’s commitment and versatile skill set in the world of martial arts.

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