Assistant Karate / Kobudo Instructor


Alasdair’s Martial Arts Journey Timeline:

January 29, 2014:
– Begins his martial arts journey.

Karate Achievements:
– Earns the esteemed rank of 1st Kyu in Karate.

Kobudo Milestone:
– Attains a significant 1st Dan rank in Kobudo.

Junior Recognition:
– Demonstrates dedication at a young age, achieving the esteemed designation of 1st Kyu Junior.

Alasdair’s martial arts timeline showcases a remarkable progression, starting with his initiation on January 29, 2014. His achievements, including the 1st Kyu in Karate, 1st Dan in Kobudo, and recognition as a 1st Kyu Junior, underscore his commitment and skill in the martial arts domain.

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