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Modern-day students of karate generally assume that the ranking system of kyu (color belt) and dan (black belt) levels, and the various titles that high-ranking black belts hold, are, like the katas, a part of karate tradition extending back centuries. However, despite the fact that karate is indeed very old, the ranking system itself dates back only to the early 20th century.

Adults & Juniors Program

I. Annual Testing for Juniors & Adults Belt/Rank The Japan Karate-Do Genbu-Kai of Florida has regularly scheduled belt/rank tests at the end of the months of January, April, July and October. Actual test dates will be posted. Individuals testing for their first rank/belt may be tested early dependent on the recommendation of the chief instructor.

II. Testing Criteria Testing measures your knowledge and level of technical proficiency of karate. It is intended as an evaluation of your progress and knowledge. It is not intended to identify whether an individual does "good or bad" karate. Each test will evaluate your knowledge and proficiency in kihon (basics), kata (form) and kumite (sparring). Except for 9th Kyu, which only evaluates kihon and kata. It also evaluates your manners, attitude and respect for others and yourself. Testing evaluates the technical correctness of stances, blocks, kicks and strikes as well as speed, power, focus, balance, kiai, rhythm, concentration, direction, spirit, coordination, movement and control.

All examinations are given at the discretion of the instructor. The time required indicated above is the minimum training time required providing regular attendance (minimum 75%) is maintained. All kyu examinations are conducted by the head instructor of the Japan Karate-Do Genbu-Kai of Florida, Sensei Keith Moore. All dan (black/red belt) gradings are conducted exclusively by Shihan Fumio Demura, President/Chief Instructor of Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Genbu-Kai International.

Grading System
Kyu LevelAdult BeltJunior BeltBelt Time Required
Beginner Kyu GaiWhite beltWhite beltMinimum three months
Ku (9th) kyuWhite belt, 1 stripe, & Genbu-Kai patchYellow belt & Genbu-Kai patchMinimum three months
Hachi (8th) kyuOrange beltYellow belt, 1 stripeMinimum three months
Shichi (7th) kyuOrange belt, 1 stripeYellow belt, 2 stripesMinimum three months
Roku (6th) kyuGreen belt, 1st degreePurple beltMinimum six months
Go (5th) kyuGreen belt, 2nd degreePurple belt, 1 stripeMinimum six months
Yon (4th) kyuGreen belt, 3rd degreePurple belt, 2 stripesMinimum six months
San (3rd) kyuBrown belt, 1st degreeBlue beltMinimum six months
Ni (2nd) kyuBrown belt, 2nd degreeBlue belt, 1 stripeMinimum six months
Ichi (1st) kyuBrown belt, 3rd degreeBlue belt, 2 stripesMinimum six months
Shodan - HoBlack beltRed beltMinimum twelve months
Shodan - Ho-Red belt, 1 stripeMinimum three months
Shodan - Ho-Red belt, 2 stripesMinimum three months
Sho (1st) DanBlack belt, with name (kanji)Red belt, with name (kanji)Minimum six months

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