Belt Ranking System

Belt Ranking System

The belt system is used as a method of evaluating merit and development of students. As students develop physically, they are expected to develop their character as well.

However, there are some misconceptions concerning belt ranks. Often, people compare belt ranks between schools, and place high importance on the color of the belt. This is wrong! While the belt is a symbol of hard work and dedication within a school, it is NO just basis for comparison between schools. The requirements for each level vary with each karate style and in each dojo according to the Sensei's standards, which reflect the degree of perfection he demands of himself. Emphasis should not be placed on what color belt a student wears, but rather on their actual ability, attitude, and improvement.

Beginner Kyu GaiWhite belt
9th (kyu) KyuYellow belt
8th (hachi) KyuYellow belt with one stripe
7th (shichi) KyuYellow belt with two stripes
6th (roku) KyuPurple belt
5th (go) Kyu"Purple belt with one stripe
4th (yon) Kyu"Purple belt with two stripes
3rd (san) KyuBlue belt
2nd (ni) KyuBlue belt with one stripe
1st (ichi) KyuBlue belt with two stripes
Adults Belt Ranking System
RankTranslationBelt Color
Beginner Kyu GaiWhite beltWhite belt
9th (kyu) KyuWhite belt with 1 stripe
Genbu-Kai Patch
White belt with one stripe
8th (hachi) KyuOrange beltOrange belt
7th (shichi) KyuOrange belt with 1 stripeOrange belt with one stripe
6th (roku) KyuGreen belt 1st degreeGreen belt first degree
5th (go) KyuGreen belt 2nd degreeGreen belt second degree
4th (yon) KyuGreen belt 3rd degreeGreen belt third degree
3rd (san) KyuBrown belt 1st degreeBrown belt first degree
2nd (ni) KyuBrown belt 2nd degreeBrown belt first degree
1st (ichi) KyuBrown belt 3rd degreeBrown belt first degree

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